Dreams And Aspiration

The first thing you need to understand about me is that when i get something in my head i dream and dream about it. My dreams are to help people, to recover and move on, and to deliver chances to people.
I want to move to Toronto as i feel and know that it is a multicultural city with the opportunities to become involved with outreach and volunteer initiatives.
As I am currently gaining entry into NZ Navy, to become a medic (which leads to a BHSci in paramedicine). I wish to go to Canada also to study for my masters in occupational therapy, either going to school in in Toronto or Quebec.
These are all possibilties that i have researched and developed and weighed up constantly, but when the time comes to make th shift i feel like i will be well equipped and ready.
MagentaRoseDCS MagentaRoseDCS
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012