Chart A Course To Positive.


All people on this planet have two things in common; we all have a place where we began and we will have a place where we end; life and death are inevitable and what we do with the life that has been given to us is within our power.  If we see the world as a negative place then well that is what it becomes; if we see the world as a positive place then it is positive.  I have found that hatred takes too much energy and sucks my positive energy out of me.  I have forgiven those that have hurt me in the past, not for them, but for me so that I can live a more positive life.

I sometimes picture my life as if I am running cross country;  the slopes change at will and although I do not have control over the terrain I do have control over the reaction I have to the terrain.  Do I give up simply because I don’t “think” I can run the mountain?  No, I keep pushing; I am not saying I never fail at the task because failures in life are inevitable but I do not allow those failures to make me a permanent one. I keep pushing until I conquer that task and can move on to another. I am still bold enough to bet the house, blindly, with full faith knowing that I am going to walk away a winner no matter what happens when the cards are dealt.  I think what makes me different is that I have the strength to back up the decisions I make whether they turn out to be negative or not and I immediately start charting a course back to positive. cour

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4 Responses May 3, 2010

Thanks for your comments real life.

I agree with what you wrote. I need to keep reminding myself to say " I can". Great message!

You certainly are and I love you my friend.

Excellent! You know I am on a positive path myself, and your analogy is awesome. Hugs.