Life Isn't Bad After All

Five years ago I thought my life was doing normal as others with a good career and the person i love most but my intention to donate blood exposed the truth about myself. When the Doctor told me about it, i know my life is reaching the end but at that point i decided no one in my family should know about it. I felt angry, upset and all kind of feelings why it happened because it wasn't my fault. Why god need to punish me so cruelly and its been in me for 3 years before i found out.

My life has changed forever, at the beginning i don't know what to do, confused, hate myself but slowly i gain my inspiration. I learn by myself that only i can give strength and motivation because no one knows my life better than me. Love of my life has left me for a better future which i have no right to stop.

Everyday i try to live my life to the fullest and achieve every impossible dreams. I kept my death sentence aside and be normal and none of my surrounding knows the truth. I climbed the ladder of success in my carer as an academician by giving the utmost knowledge to my beloved students. That became my ultimate happiness in life. 

Many times i failed with my own feelings, cried alone in the room, being passive in term of relationship but always make sure to wake up the next day with new inspiration. I decided nothing can stop me for doing what i want because GOD as much i was angry with him in the beginning has shown me the way that i can lead my life better than normal people.

 Being realize i've touched many peoples lives in many ways and my contribution to my society will never end till i reach the fullstop.

After all my life isn't that bad because everyday i'm given a new chance to be a part of this world
Dhania Dhania
Aug 6, 2010