4/20/10 Aka The Day That Changed My Life

so it was spring of my junior year in high school, im 17. my grandma went into the hospital to get her gallbladder removed after suffering from the pain for over a year, so it was about time she had this done. since she hasnt been able to eat or drink she was dehydrated so they couldnt do the surgery until that was taken care of. but that was the least of the worries we were in for. a few days went by she had the surgery everything went well, so we thought. until my mom picked me up from softball practice and took me to the hospital to visit my grandma. my mom knew something was up but she didnt wana tell me so i wouldnt panic. but as i was talkin to my grandma the doctor took a few of us out and said they found something during the surgery..they found stage 3ovarian cancer in her. i denied it at first thinkin theres no way this is happening. to me, my grandma is prolly the most important person in my life, and it killed me from the inside out to hear that. i couldnt even cry i was so in shock. its now august, and my grandma's back in the hospital, she has a stomach infection and fluid around her lungs, so things are pretty ****** around here again. its just been an awful year for me in general. so long story short, never think cancer or anything like that wont happen cuz the truth is we never know, i never thought we'd be going thru all this but were getting there. so live everyday to its fullest, cuz we never know whats guna happen
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I am truly sorry for what is happening in your life. I can understand how you feel, similar things have been happening with my grandma. I believe you are right and that one never knows what is going to happen. You should live your life, and don't let anything hold you back..