I Enjoy Every Day

      I have been threw so much. That I like to just enjoy life to the fullest. I enjoy every day of my life. I try to have as much fun as possible. That way i don't miss out on any thing at all. For I don't kno whow long that I'll be here. No one does at all. I take the saying instead of it being. Why is this happing to me. I changed it to why not me. That way i enjoy pretty much any thing at all. I know that I will always have triles in my life. They only make me a whole lot stronger of a person. I want to answer the question. Did you live your life to the fullest with a yes. I will also say that I enjoyed every single day. That I did my best that I could do.
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2010

I want to, too.

I wake up every morning and thank GOD, that I’m alive and breathing. Since my surgery I have these new life goals, I’m focused, I’m excited, I exercise, & I feel empowered. I stick to my diet and my protein and supplement regimen. I stay away from negative people, and I try to lead a positive and spiritually enriched lifestyle. Overall I feel very blessed, and life is beautiful. I’m now 86 pounds lighter and feeling very healthy.

The more one goes through the stronger they become. <br />
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Good for you!<br />
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I do the same thing everyday too. I wake up every morning feeling so happy to have another day of life. To be able to breath, smile, enjoy, taste ,fart. lol!<br />
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We are all given this gift, to learn to enjoy every moment in life.<br />
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Challenges come but they are learning mistakes<br />
<br />
and learning lessons...<br />
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Keep it up!