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I do, but I can't. I have missed so many opportunities. I have let so much go, left with nothing but emptyness inside, and I'm just 17. I'm supposed to be out every night, going to clubs, instead I live a very secluded lifestyle. And it's hard to change your habbits when you are used to doing certain things. And I comfort myself with hope that someday things will magically work out for me. Maybe they will. Maybe they won't, all I know I'm doing everything that is in my power, to become a better person.
TheLostPoet TheLostPoet 18-21, F 3 Responses Oct 3, 2010

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Why do you say that you are supposed to go out every night to clubs? Are you sure that is what you really want to do, not simply what you believe you're supposed to? When I was younger I would go out to clubs -- I hated it, but I went because I thought I was supposed to, that it was something I should enjoy. As time went on, and I learned more about myself, I discovered my own desires.<br />
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Please consider that living life to the fullest isn't about doing what you're supposed to do, it is about discovering yourself.

I have a pretty scheduled lifestyle 2! It sucks and when i get w my friends we literally sit there 4 an hr tryin 2 figure somethin 2 do! it suxs. So i say if u think ur life in the future will b livin it 2 the future then hve faith in it n somethin will come out of it.

17.....UGGGHHH.....To Be 17 again.....And who says you should be clubbing evernight please the weirdos sickos out here today naw.....I would suggest it live for you....Dont let anyone tell you want you should be doing or shouldnt be doing.........You got plenty of time for that crap and take from me you aint really missing to much!!....................SMILE AND LOVE WHO U R!!!