Live To Experience

It's said that Life is a long journey, and it's really a mistake if you don't have any journey in a lifetime.
You know, I think that living is to experience and the most wonderful experience come from the journeys. the more you travel, the more experience you gain, that is how our life goes, right? :D
I love travelling. I love going to the strange places to see the very different lives and sometimes to forget my life :D. I love meeting the strange people in my destinations. They don't know who I am, even don't understand what I say sometimes, but they still keep smiling with me. It's wonderful!! :X
And I know that one of the biggest reasons that make me enjoy travelling like that is my amazing country. It's really a hidden charm with many interesting things that make me want to go and discover more and more. Maybe it inspires me a lot to live and love my life.
If you have never come to Vietnam before, I don't think that you can image how wonderful our Vietnam is :)). So if you have a chance to travel some day, don't forget about Vietnam destionation, okie? :X
By the way, if you have a little curiousness about my beauitful country, you can follow this link to see. There are many pictures and videos of our country that you can find and feel!
And I believe that you will not be disappointed :->. hehe :X

realvietnam realvietnam
22-25, M
Nov 23, 2010