Try New Things, Be Uncomfortable And Live.

Who doesn't want to live life to the fullest? So far I have loved and I have lost. I have moved on whim, just because I wanted to say "yes i have lived in Alaska". I have joined the Marines because it seemed cool. I have learned another language besides English and Spanish. I have learned 3 instruments. I have sped, in the opposite lane just to feel the rush. I have sped right by a parked cop just to see what it felt like. I have bought a new car, I have jumped out of helicopters, I have visited other countries. I have almost gotten stuck in high tide, I have been rock climbing, I have climbed Mountains, I have swam in the middle of the South China Sea. I have been in an uncomfortable position,on purpose. I have been in a fight, and I have lost. I have driven over 100 miles an hour. I have rode a pony, and I have swam with Sharks and Sting Ray's. I have played College Soccer, and I have taken a class in College to be around a hot chick. No, I didn't get anywhere with her and to boot, I got a D in said class.

I have yet to Sky Dive, Ride a Horse, and Swim with Dolphins. I want to start a charity, start my own family, and write a book. I want to Climb the tallest Mountain on every Continent, and I want to learn to dive. I want to climb a tall mountain free style, just me vs the Mountain, winner take all. I want to be one with Nature. I want to LIVE life. I want to feel every emotion known to man.
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you know it's kind of funny that I could almost exactly reverse these goals and achievements within the context of the story and have it stand true for me.

How do you have money for this life? I'm jealous.. I'm an accountant and still don't feel the flexibility of time or money. I definitely understand that there's ways to travel cheaply.. but how do you find that work life balance?

You seem like you live freely. You are not out of touch with reality, you just live life the way one should, with no regrets. Any woman would be lucky to have you.

And what you want to do after you die? Because all that you did and seen can not even compare with Reality and its beauty. Do you have a serious plan for it? There is nothing worse then to miss that. Time is so that we never see much of the biginning when we see the end - fallowed by Reality<br />
There is something greater then the motions of imperfect men and there is no such thing like to live to the fullest as we are limited greatly, limited even by time.

A plan for when I die? Nope...I refuse to plan for the unknown. Why bother doing that? I refuse to live in the past nor plan for something I cannot see. I would invite you to live in the now. Explore everything you can, don't limit yourself. For once you have experienced the rush of life, anything can be attained.

To be able to see the great things you must believe. Then you will see, then you will know. It is like a doctor who never believed that he could become one and he became the best. By the way I am not writing about things unknown. You live out of touch with reality so how you want to know?

sounds fun! :)