I Lost A Part Of My Fun Time As A Teen.

When I turned 15 my mom fell terminally ill. My father had been sick since I was 4. Of course when my mom fell sick my dad got worse. It got pretty bad. We decided that they would be put on hospice( where they get taken care of at home and pass at home.) and I would take care of them. My brother did some help but he had a harder time of dealing with it. I was constantly going to hospitals, doctor visits, and pharmacies. It was a battle arguing with insurance companys when thier pain meds were in liquid form. My mom went for her first surgery when I turned 17. My dad had two bad seizures. One when I was 16 and another when I was 18. I remember getting up every morning and sorting out what pills they needed. I had them memorized for the doc! I knew all the info the hospital wanted to know before they even asked. The one perticular hospitals we used alot the escorts and most nurses knew us by first name basis. It is sad really. But they were very happy cause they had seen some ugly fights. It may be hard to believe but I can speak from experience. At there funeral familycame out of the woodwork and the war started. Where were they when my mom and dad was suffering? I wasn't going to let them have thier way. I got so mad when my dad's sister tried to turn us in for neglecting our father. I didn't take it out on the man who came to investigate. He already knew from the hospital that this woman was a troublemaker. He didn't tell us who reported us but it was easy to figure out. She had pretended to be my dead mother and myself to see him in the ICU. Anyway, I need to get off of her she angers me. All I want to say is I want to have alot of fun now. So I'm living life to it's fullest! Who's with me? Partayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
May 19, 2012