Changes..... Life, Living And Work

Where do I begin? The beginning perhaps? Maybe not...that would be WAY too long and boring quite frankly.

"Skip to the end" (lol, yep, I'm an Edgar Wright/Spaced/Shaun of The Dead fan)... Okay...

After three years seemingly stuck in limbo in a town of virtually no employment but famous for a film made about male strippers (The Full Monty), I'm moving to a better place. The days are being counted down, apartments sought etc.

Maybe there, the photographic trade will be better too, no-one here has the money to hire me, not that I'm particularly expensive, it's just the state of the economy/trade.

Anyhow...enough of that! I've applied for a full-time job in the new city and I have an interview next month (I thought it best to go back to photography as a part-time thing for now).. Fingers crossed!rk
delanime delanime
41-45, M
May 19, 2012