I have Lupus & Fibromyalgia=I'm No Quitter

Having Lupus & Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue syndrome & Daily Chronic Pain & Being Anemic & recently diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome & High Cholesterol & Clinical Depression & taking 26 pills a day & 60% of my life is in bed due to being bed bounded due to pain & feeling/being so exhausted that its at times so overwhelming that I cannot describe that exhaustion feeling & having a hysterectomy that went wrong and to fix it I had an over all of 5 yes 5 surgeries (includes hysterectomy & a vaginally cyst removal *same time*) & stayed in the hospital for 6 1/2 weeks...Through this period of 2-3 years I'm still trying to live my life to the fullest by taking one day at a time taking them baby steps all together...I Thank God & Jesus for holding my hand through this nightmare cause the truth is.. I wouldn't have survived it if it weren't for THEM ABOVE..Grateful for a loving Husband & step/children plus an awesome huge family! I'm no Quitter and YES YES YES..It IS hard, it is very very hard to live this new life that I want no part of but I have no choice but to grasp it and move forward and do my best to make the best out of it👍and it all starts with a true relationship with God and Jesus Christ AND you also need to Love yourself..Easy? NO..Worth it? Very😊
Dolphace Dolphace
36-40, F
Aug 28, 2012