I Want To Go To The Jungle And Be A Missionary

I lost my wife, my adopted son, my career, my house, everything. Now I'm stuck here at work that is degrading and I can't go to Church on Sundays. At first this job is supposed to be the solution to help bring back my family. But it was all too late. There's nothing for me here anymore, now I want to throw myself in the province to preach the Gospel with my missionary friend.
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Don't do it. Don't go throwing yourself in the province. You gotta realize that you're fortunate -- you have a job -- a lot of people don't. So just be grateful for that. Find yourself by serving others at your job. You don't need organized religious events on Sundays to define yourself. There is a pattern here. Stay in the moment. You lost your wife, job and career for a reason. Don't try to run away from yourself.

thank you very much for the kind comments. yeah, i guess your right.