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Please, Give Me Some Advice.

After how many times I have tried with different methods, I still cannot live my life to the fullest. I swear I've done so many times to start my life over again but it failed. The thing is i'm just 16. I just turned 16 on 13th of this month. Even on that day, I wanted to start my new life again but as I went out with my family and chosen a wrong place to hang out, my day got screwed. I have tried different kinds of ways to start my life but everything failed. I know i'm still young and going to have a lot of experience in the future and I know that I have time. But, I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to live like I'm crazy about living.
After how much I read good quotations about living and life, I still cannot live my life to the fullest. It just doesn't comes up to my head.
Like Steve Jobs said when he was 17, he got one quote and it impressed him a lot till now but for me, I have read a lot of quotes but it still doesn't work. It's only that moment that I think "Oh, I will live to the fullest now. I should not waste my time anymore". It is only that moment.
Please, seniors of life. Help this kid out. I want to live my life.
w0rld w0rld 16-17, F 2 Responses Nov 18, 2012

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You keep learning, you keep trying, and from each fall you dust yourself off and try again. With experience comes wisdom.

I turned fifteen a couple of months ago and I know what you mean but you know what I do? Stop caring about what other people thought of me. I still think about what they think about me but I don't let it bother me, I stopped caring whether or not people didn't like me and hung out with people who I know like and care about me. I think that's living life... :) Happy birthday by the way :)

thank u :)