Okay so I've really opted not to give an update but decided I should now.
I got offered a spot on a Division 2, U17 soccer team, and I made my high school's JV soccer team :)
Also, I am running for something that is kinda like sophomore president and even though there's good competition, I will give 150 % to win.
Last week, I was so busy with soccer and running for that position, I didn't even have a lunch to myself, and as soon as I got home after soccer and school, I would need to work on projects and homework!
Even though I was incredibly busy, I think I thrived.
Everything depends on your attitude.
Also, staying organized and writing notes to yourself about what you need to do during busy times, really helps!
I hope everyone who reads this will take initiative in their lives and give themselves a reason to jump out of bed every morning.
You only have one chance at living, so do it right!
Do not sweat the small stuff!!!!
You can accomplish great things, no matter who you are. Never ever doubt yourself.
I have to make a speech in front of the entire school in a week..
Veni, vedi, vici.
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Dec 2, 2012