Life Is Getting So Boring

Now dont get me wrong, I love my family, My husband and beautiful baby boy. I just wonder what if ? I used to go out, go dancing, do things with friends on the weekends! My husband now comes home and sits on the couch and does NOTHING I take care of my son all day which is a joy i love him to bits but i need some fun. I feel trapped in this house and my husband is so boring i feel like leaving him sometimes.

Anyone have any suggestions ? what to i do? How to get his *** off the couch? Help me save my marriage!
boom2011 boom2011
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Tell him how you feel and while you're talking with him, tell him you would like to take at least a night or two off during the week to hang out with either friends or family and he can stay home and look after his son while you have fun or better yet...ask a friend or family to babysit while you and your hubby go out for some alone time together and have FUN! :)