My life is hard just like yours. I have ups and downs just like you. I cry and bleed. I am human. I have nightmares, i have big dreams and little dreams. I am just like you the only thing is i have a girlfriend... but i love her just like you love your girl. I might be a lesbian but I am happy.

Now unto my life
I have a good life now.. It started out bad.. but now that im an adult i have made a life for me. I have a mother and brother that loves me for who i am. i have the best girlfriend i could ask for.. in fact im going to ask her to marry me soon. She is a gift from God. I have a good dog. I have my faith. My dad was aduisve but i dont live with him now, so why should i still be afriead that he can hurt me? I am i just that weak? I don't think so. i think that makes me human. I have depresstion that tries to run my run but with help
mariasher mariasher
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

:) you go girl, keep it real,