Where Has Time Gone?

I look back at my life and its mainly a blurr.

But one of my earliest memories is from my fifth birthday. Times were financially tough then, even harder than they are now. I remember my grandma giving me a 50 pence coin. I was obsessed with them when I was younger. Then my cousin comes over, grabs the coin out of my hand, walks over to the kitchen bin and throws it away. "If I can't have it then she can't either." I screamed the house down.
I can't even remember any memories that are worth holding on to when I think of the period when my parents were still together. Arguements over the pettiest things. Constant mood swings. You know how it is. Maybe they are better off apart. Everything happens for a reason I suppose. Still love them to bits.
My foolish years through school and college when I thought smoking and truanting would help me get over my parents break-up. Now I look back and think "How could I be such an idiot?" Instead of sitting there feeling sorry for myself I should be grateful for the roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on my plate.
Now as the years go on I learn more and more about myself. Yeah I'm still young, only 20 yet.. But regardless of how old I get..If i make it that far.. I will always appreciate every little thing in life. Thank you God for giving me all that I have. I promise I will never feel sorry for myself again. I truly have no reason to do so.
Essay over, Thanks for reading.

CrazyAndProud CrazyAndProud
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2012

I feel the same! I think it's our age, we're young, yet old enough to realise it's time to do something great... I don't particularly feel like I've achieved anything momentous as of yet. But like a comment below, awesome things are indeed to come... So cherish the little things that bring laughter! :)

I wish you all the best in life hun. Always aim high. Even if you are not where you want to be right now, never think that its because you have failed. Every step you take towards that goal is an achievement ;)

That last sentence rings so true, especially as I'm spending most of my waking hours revising! So thanks, you babe!

The more you appreciate the little things, the slower time seems to pass by, because you're enjoying every moment of it to it's fullest~

Exactly ;)
Cherish every moment because it wont be coming around again any time soon