January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013, Sunday. This is the most lame and bad day of my life in the year 2013. I was called in recitation and then I can't answer our professor question.She says that I'm stupid, lame and a very moron student because of I can't answer her in english fluently.It really sucks, I feel so weak and stupid.I think I'm one of the most weakest and moron student in her class. I'm not good when it comes in speaking in english and I know that I'm not a good student.I don't know what to do.There are a lot of things that pops up in my mind and I think I'm starting to think negative.I don't have any confidence in myself.I really want to study in english but I'm not a smart person.
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I've been scolded by professors a number of times myself. I know it is not a very good feeling. I actually cried one time.

You'll get over this and keep moving forward. Whenever a professor scolds us, all we can do is to study to prove them wrong.

What subject was this?

World literature, I was a fool.I'm not good in anything and everything.

Yeah, that subject can be tricky. What I used to do was to read up on the coverage for that day and then google them for interesting questions about it. There are times that the professors ask the exact question about it. I pretend to be the professor and ask myself what I would ask the students. It works most of the time. Just keep going at it.

thanks but i'm not a smart person . unlike you, i'm lame, fool and ugly.

I don't think I am smart. I actually think I am really dumb. I just used to study before so people don't notice easily.

but I tried to study but nothing comes up in my mind.I think I'm a fool.

I go through things like that too. It sometimes feel like my head is made of cement and nothing is going inside. Don't be frustrated. Take a deep breath and tell yourself you can do it. Take a rest if you want (not too long though). The key is to study progressively even if you only manage to finish a few pages. If you want, you can ask some classmates to study with you so you'll know how they study.

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