Everyone has their own destiny but it is our attitude that determines our fate. It is you that decides, it is you that make choices, and it is you that manages your life through your actions and choices. In the past, people believed in prophecies. They believed in predetermined events. But that is all in the past. We are now at a modern era—a world of new technologies and new set of people. Though there are still fortune-tellers along the streets, people don’t automatically believe in them. I have read a summary of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, and it was a great dramatic tragedy. It was about a King who killed his father and married his mother. And they have four children! Imagine that?! eeOoohh! But don’t be so judgmental! He committed these crimes unknowingly. He doesn’t know the truth, because he’s blind. Not literally of course. But yes! He’s blind of his own life. Even though some people had told him the truth, he doesn’t listen. And when everything was clarified, it was too late. His choices led to his downfall. He chose to avoid the fate that’s why he suffered from his actions. My point is we are the one making our destiny. It lies in our very own hands. Do not depend on some “prediction”. Decide wisely for yourself. After all, it is your life and you’re the one in control. Everybody has a choice, you should have yours too.
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I believe living life to the fullest which is why I stopped thinking about weight gain issues, calories and eat all the good foods I want t try and eat and as much as I want and not care how fat t can make me

I couldn't agree more.

and when you choose make sure its the best and to do that you should have strong faith to linger and to llok up to.

You only have control to some extend...
And although many say you can choose what you want... you can actually only choose of the choices offered to you.