My Life

i am jovelyn,just call me jhovie in short.
i am 23 years old,turning 24 this coming January 24.
life is too short,so i share my story here,hope this will not bother the readers.

i was born to love and to be love.
when i am 5 years old,i was about to received the sacrament of god and accept god to my life.i am the key of my family of being christian.

my parents is not believer at that time.but when i delivered to this earth.they start to go and meet Jesus every Sunday.
they lost hope and faith.
"my mother saw me dying"i am even eat or drink breast milk. they're thought,my world is too short.but one day came,many pastor went home and prayed for me,and inviting my parents attend mass.
so in that time,my family attending mass until they receive the sacrament.people said,i am the key or instrument for my family to believe god.
don't lost hope,because theirs no possible to god.

i am the worst kids in our place,sometimes,my parents talked to me bad even my sister's and brother's.i have 3 sister and 3 brother.
we are 10 in the family.
my sister are married,they have their own family and home.
my 2 brothers also got married.

my parents are not educated,they are from poor family.
so now,i could say that i am from poor family.

my parents worked in the field until this present.i am happy because they reached 60's age.

i finished my studies ( high school) in the year 2008.
and when enrollment came,i wanted to enter college level but my parents told me,"stop your studies now."why?i replied.
they said,"we have no money''.i am like a crazy woman at that time.i wanted to continue my you know what i have done?
i kept thinking and thinking until the message came to my mind."fighting''.

i talked to my parents,"please allow me to go to bontoc to continue my studies".they just kept silent.they have no answer.
after one day,i went to bontoc mountain province.i stayed at my sister home(my sister married to a man from bontoc).
i help for housework and i care baby.
after two months,the enrollment came,i enrolled as a "bachelor of art in political science".this is a preparation for LAW.
my sister asked a question "why you enroll political science,you knew that we are poor,that course needs so much money".
i ignore her word.
oh,god help me to finish my studies.
i stayed 10 months in my sister sister has a 2 kids.
in the month of march,my sister told me that"go and find a home for you to stay.i have no money for your studies.."
oh my.............what can i do now.
i decide to go and search for home or work for me to live and for me to finish my studies.
one day,when i am walking in the street,i met a woman,she talked to me in 30 minutes.i told her my life story and i told her that i am searching a work.
i thanks god,she helped me.she let me to stayed at her home.she is married and have 3 child.she is a teacher,my teacher in school.
i stayed and work as a sales lady and deliver of dress chicken just 2 months.the month of april and may.2009.

after one month again,i prefer to look for home or work .house to house.
i met a doctor who was a woman.
she's the one who paid my tution fee in school in one year.i work as a house helper for them.
why one year? because,if i am in third year..i need to get my subject that i didn't enroll last one year..
my course is will be close on this the reason why i move out to this home and find a boardinghouse for me to stay.
i am so very happy because,i did to finished my study even it's difficult.
i am now a bachelor of art in political science.

i am a working student while i am studying until i graduated.
2010,i met a man who was simple and a student also.
i fallen in love to this man.he is 20 years old.
we ON in the month of august 2010.but after one year,we broke up because
of misunderstanding.
he is so much sensitive.he is so much jealous and i do not know.i don't understand what he have,his characteristics is not good.
and his family not good and not agree.
i thought i am idiot.
i am useless,and i am nothing to this world.
i have been travel so much trouble in life.
she is so quite man.
i sacrifice everything for him to be happy with me but i do not understand why he did that to me to leave.he leave me.i cried so much.i found myself crazy.this is my first time to cry so much.i felt pain in my mind also helping my heart to calm down.
but i fought this pain.

after the month of may,i went to computer shop,and open Facebook and searching a
work or an employer or a sponsor.
i request and accept friendship then i message them.
until now..
i am a job seeker.

i want to help my family too.
i want to live long .
and i want to smile for life.

simple life is so much good for me,
eat three times a day is more important.

to be continue.............................
have a nice day .
thank you so much.
god bless you all.

jhovie24 jhovie24
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2013