Lifes Mystery

One will always wounder whats it all about and if I could answer that question myself I would be rich.

I know one thing for sure life is a journey with a definate start and a deffinate end.

As human beings our life experiences can be like a rollercoaster with some amazing highs and sadly some incredibble lows.

Dont worry about yesterday because its gone and you cant change anything. Dont worry about tommorrow because it has yet to come.

Grasp any chance of happiness and dont take nothing for granted. Life is for living so live it the best you can and try and be a good person.

We all have sad times in our life but remember this no matter what is going on in this world if you still have your health you have everything.

Good luck to you all on this incredible journey and if you can smile keep smiling and if you can laugh better still.

mysteryjourney mysteryjourney
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Couldn't agree more with you! Sounds like you always make the best and most out of life?? No matter what it throws at us.. and truly enjoy the simple things and never take things for granted? I try my best.. and sometimes it's not easy.. but, I usually always have a smile for others.. sounds like you do too?

Thanks for reply Sugar