Life Is Too Short

I am quite young, but I have already traveled to three countries, and taught English to university students in one of them, graduated from university myself, been in a couple of relationships, have learned a second language (still working on getting fluent - will one of these days!), have done a lot of volunteering and helping others, and recently I got hired for a career in which is what I studied for while I was in university.  But there is so much more I want to experience - more traveling/visit popular landmarks, get a book published, be an inspiration/good influence, donate to charity, continue/further my education/graduate with another major, and my list could go on!  Life is too short to take for granted, and it seems there are way too many stupid things to stop focusing on.  While it seems a lot of people around me have their goals and dreams to graduate h.s. or university, get married and raise a family, and get a job and some actually believe this is all there is to life, I don't want to look back on my life and think this is all I accomplished/achieved in life.  Life is a great adventure and you should embrace the opportunities (and create them for yourself) that abound! 
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I wish you the best and I can see that you have the vision and the motivation not to say the courage to accomplish many of your dreams.

Wow you have acheived so much! that is wonderful! congrats you did great!:D

You are very wise for your years!

Belinda wow thats cool you did all that! **** I have only been to canada onces and I think I was 5 at the time good for you :)

Thanks! Live life to the fullest and embrace all opportunities!

i travell too

Yes, life is short and there are many things one can put on the "to do list". You can keep going and doing but remember that family is most important - dont neglect them because when all else fails, they are all you have. Travel is great. I have travelled and lived in many countries but one day you have to stop running and face yourself in the mirror. Figure out what's most important in life and focus on those to bring you happiness. Also when you are old you will have a lot of memories but you may not have family or even friends - as they may be scattered around the globe. You need to build relationships where you are as you will need them later on. Good luck with your adventures..

you nailed it!!! Family is like ball... once you throw bounces back always on you..:)

Thank you all! Appreciate the comments :)

I really liked your story. thank you for sharing.

I am a traveler, I have a career that requires travel, I married a woman who loves to travel and now we drag kids all over the planet.<br />
Opening yourself to the world is really fulfilling in my mind and yet to an outside observer it doesn't "accomplish" anything

Signes. I agree with you, life is short, and there's many walls you have to climb over to get what you're seeking for. I love travelling but I've just done it once as my parents are kinda poor and I'm to young to get a real work.<br />
Traveling is one of the best things I know ^^