Sure, But I'm Also a Realist A...

Sure, but I'm also a realist and have obligations that preclude me from doing just the things I want to do just for me. There's a balancing act and trade-offs.... even still, if I'm not doing exactly what I'd like to be doing or in the exact place I'd like to be at any given moment, I still try to enjoy my NOW because it is the only reality. Reminds of a song titiled, Today, part of the chorus goes, "a million tomorrows shall all pass away, 'ere I forget all the joy that is mine, today." That's it in a nutshell, today, right now is all that we have, not later, not later, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Right now, this moment is my only space in time. That's why it's smart to make every moment count. It's the moments that turn into days, weeks, years and a lifetime of memories.
czirconia czirconia 46-50, F 5 Responses Jun 30, 2007

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Be carefull--There is a fine line between being a realist& being Paraniod!

I am the same.

Nicely put-live life to the fullest-now!

Your story reminds me of lyrics from Into the Woods:

Oh. if life were made of moments,

Even now and then a bad one-!

But if life were only moments,

Then you'd never know you had one.

But thats a little depressing, I like the idea of enjoying every moment!

Summed up nicely... I live for the day, hour, minute... each smile and laugh carries me to the next and as long as I can continue to find the little happy moments I know I can go on that much longer...