We all have dreams: It goes something like this:
• In my teens, I’ll get into a good college 📖🏃or get a good job.
• In my early twenties, my career will start to take off✨.
• By my mid-twenties, I will meet the person of my dreams👫.
• In my thirties, I will be married and have 2.2 beautiful children👪.
• In my forties, I’ll be running the organization ��َ for which I’ve been working.
• In my fifties, I’ll reflect back on my life and my grown children👬👭 and smile👴.
• In my sixties, I’ll retire and travel the world✈⛵🚁🚂🚇🚌🚙🚗🚕.
Sound familiar?
Oldchap Oldchap
41-45, M
Aug 16, 2014