Not seen my experience on here. I am 2 years out of a SM. I have teenagers full time that live in my home. Their father makes zero effort to see them (we live in the same state
). They have given up on him. The kids are 19, 16, 14. He will not return their phone calls. I make enough money that we have never needed anything financially from him. However, I believe a father needs to be there for his children emotionally even if his primary relationship has broken. Their father totally blames me for this. Says that if I had not broken up the family over "sex" it would not be this way.

It appears that most on here who leave their SM still continue to support their children emotionally. Never seen a situation such as mine on here.
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If it was sexless and you did nothing to fix it then, you are culpable

I wanted sex all the time and he wanted it NEVER.

Where did you get the idea that har1968 was the one who did not want sex?