I want to live life to the fullest because someday it's not gonna be there, it's all gonna be over so why not do what makes you happy? Why not do what you enjoy and why not try new things? There's so many things yet to experience and I am trying to make every second as enjoyable as possible, sure there are times when I'm feeling down and not really wanting to get out to see the world, but mostly I want to do things I like and not really care about other people's opinions. ^.^
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16-17, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I learned to make my own happiness in this world, to establish purpose and meaning in my own life. I can't always do what I want to do; I'm a parent, my kids have to come first, bills and rent have to get paid. I can't live with reckless abandonment. I decide what makes me happy and if I can do something about it, then I do. But I don't see material gain or superior looks as being the have-all. I understand that the things that truly fulfill my life, you can't put a price tag on or buy it anywhere.

Yes, we all have our own things that make us happy, and if you ever have a chance to make your life better, go for it! And also for your kids. Living life to the fullest to me, is also giving other people everything I can. It adds to the meaning, if you know? If you give someone something, it'll make them happy, and people normally get pleasure from giving things to others, so it'll make you happy as well (at least I hope so, haha).