I want to go on a road trip and just not give a hoot about anything. I want to go with lively people who love to dance and have fun and aren't afraid of the world or being ridiculous in public. I just want to pack my crap and disappear for a little bit and have a fulfilling experience with nothing holding me back. I want to meet people all over and not be limited to those within my reach.
ScumbagDaze ScumbagDaze
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Just hold onto that idea and you'll get your chance! Hilarious profile picture by the way XD

I've been holding on for so long. And thanks , or I mean ... What do you mean hilarious!? I am an orange 😠😡

Well once your friends have money and cars that dream will be a lot more realistic. My apologies Miss orange, I mistook you for a person 😜

My friends aren't as careless and into that kind of stuff as I am 😔 I have money just need that car ( or van- preferably Volkswagen bus) 😁
You are forgiven. I'm part human . So I see why you think so. But it's rude to assume. 😌

It's not necessarily about being careless; just being willing to take certain opportunities. A volkswagon sounds like it would be the bomb. Hey I never stated what I thought you were, you don't need to attack me for being mistaken 😛

Yyyyeah. I doubt this mission is for my friends. Driving all over with my friend that can't stand any music that's not metal and expresses how much she would like to kill anyone that makes her life slightly unpleasant is not quite what I was aiming for. Don't get me wrong I love her and she's a great friend buuut... She's not very fun when it comes to stuff like this.
😱😣 I didn't mean to attack. I just get defensive when my orange race gets brought up 😁😥

Well when your social circle vgrows you'll meet all kinds of crazy people haha. Don't worry, I don't discriminate against any race, especially not tasty oranges. Oops am I not supposed to say that? 😂

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