Ive Alway Tryed To Live My Life To The Fullest

2001 my life took a change in lifes path . I had a mild heart atack.

 I made my peace with all that was going on I knew god wasnt finsihed with me .

 after that day i told myself i would live my life to the very fullest , i would hold

myself back on being afraid of living and trying new things. i started with trying new foods

i had never tryed . guess you can say i was making my bucket list with my life.

 ive been threw some hard things in my life sents 2001 but i dont regreat any thing ive done

in my life . i even take the time to smell the roses in life , i thank god for the things

hes blessed me with gods given me the courage to write a book one that ive put off

so many years , but iam going on and iam more forgiving in my life . i try to live a peaceful life.

 iam god blessed all the wondeful things gods given me . i have become stronger in my faith

and stronger as a woman .

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the stress in my life at the time was the cause of the heart atack<br />
glassleg, i am not one of these bilble thumpers that feels the devel causes all the bad things in life<br />
i belive very diffrently , the bible doesnt have the answers to everything and iam not that kind of christan i am not like most christans, in fact by most ''so called christans'' i am judged out cast '' most think am going to hell, for some of the things i belive . i do belive i have a a journey in life , i belive in teaching lifes lesions and having too much stress in my life is just one of many at time in my life having a heart atack and a stroke 10 years later was due to my own falt having too must stress in my life . but i do belive life is what you make it and some times it gives you lemmns so you ether accept it or do the best with what you have got, but this time in my life i am in a time of spiritual growth . that you for your comment glassleg. and thank you everyone elce for your kind comments .

I had my heartattack when i was just 34 years old -I have three sons who almost lost their father do to stressfull work and working two jobs and a bad marrage.Since then i have slowed down ,work two jobs ,and got divorced . This has mad a remarkable improvement on my health and now met a woman who is a health freak,she is getting me better in all aspecs ,body mind and soul .Never too late to think of your future and what you want to do in YOUR life .good luck with the book.

good point

Hasnt it ever occuredto you that if there was a God then you wouldnt have had that heart attack would you. How anybody can still believe in what is only a good way of keeping old and ancient peoples in check. The bible just about has an answer for everything. Hitler and the allies thought that God was on their side. How simple do people have to be to see that religion is just a stupid invention that stupid people are never too secure to admit its just a load of old tosh!

thank you for your coment .<br />
you are so right we dont apprecte things till you lose them . iam so very blessed iam iam <br />
working on my dreams getting my books published .ive founded a publisher . i'll keep <br />
you informed when my books are published

it's very true that you don't appreciate what you have until you nearly lose it ... I wish you all the love and luck you need to achieve your dreams ... we are all blessed.