Ultimate Goal

In a perfect world, i would aleady be there...near the beach...VERY near the beach...instead of completely landlocked in the mid-west.  On the occasions i have been fortunate enough to get to the ocean, i have loved every minute of it.  the air, the atmosphere, the people...can't get enough of it.  it's always a sad day when i have to leave and come home.  beaches are especially calming when feeling stressed or just calming in general...what i wouldn't give to just be able to walk out my backdoor to a sandy beach.  however...such cannot be the case :(  maybe someday...probably when i'm too old to really enjoy it tho... :/

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4 Responses Jul 9, 2009

that's good...i can visit that coast too then :P

Hey, not so fast the better beaches are over here in CA =)<br />
<br />
Well at least in the continental us ;p

living in-land sucks @ss :( yes...the more friends i have that live on the coast the better!! lol

Wow, that sucks. I live on the East coast and I would never be able to live in-land. Want to visit? : /