I Want to Live In the Wild: Iso Others Who Share This Dream

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to live in the woods. I think I was first inspired by Grizzly Adams on TV...but the thought has always been there.

What I have been longing for is a life out of the societal norm...where there is no use for money, only hard work. I recently saw the film, "Into The Wild" and can't get it out of my mind. That has been my dream for so long now. I would love to go and do the same thing, though hopefully not with the same ending.

 I have hitchiked, learned carpentry and built a small house single-handedly, learned how grow plants from both seed and propagation, fished, and developed a good sense of problem-solving...

My only fear in doing this right this second is the pain of lonliness that I might feel after months or even years of solitude. I'm afraid of going stark crazy mad out there alone.  My real fear is not of trying and failing --but of never trying at all. 

This makes me wonder if there is anyone else out there who would like to do this journey, into the wild as well? I don't take this lightly...this is a great desire of mine and one I'm sure I'll live out, though when, I'm not exactly sure yet.

If I sound like yourself, or you know of someone, a group, or a WEBSITE for those who also share my vision, please post and let me know. I can't tell you how appreciative I would be.

Thanks for reading...God bless!


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my name is jeremiah i grew up as a country boy taking care of horses milking cows all that. i was taught how to hunt,fish,skin,butcher deer.gut fish and fillet them i can build a smoke house and preserve meat i know how to build a log cabin i bought myself all the tools and supplies i need to live in the woods im planing to go to Colorado or somewhere remote with plenty of forests next spring i think i could make it out there i am just scared of wolves and bears and the fact of being alone if any of u think u know how to survive in the woods or want to come with me let me know i plan to leave next spring

I would very much like to go to Alaska's wilderness. Anyone message me if you are interested

i would be interested

Hi john my names Jason and its allways been a dream of mine to do this I have nothing to keep me in civilisation and would welcome the chance to do this!

For any that are intrested and live in the us I am leading a group into the san juans of colorado for 6 months and recording if your seriously intrested join my group

I'm seriously interested in joining and live in the us. wildstreak17@gmail

Hi, I have the same idea as you do. I only need to wait for about two years to finish school, then I will find some people with the same idea and go live in the wilderness. I think we all should create a website about this and then find a place and live there.

I like his idea of living in the wild, my idea is somewhere deep in the wilderness where no other humans besides our group can find us, we should learn to fertilize soil bring seeds to grow the fruit trees and vegetables we need learn to preserve the food without refrigerators find a good water source for our farmland and set traps and hunt daily making sure to avoid diseases such as scurvy by drinking pine needle tea we should build a log cabin or more cabins with many people bring axes,machetes,knives,hammers,pickaxes,fishing lines,snare lines, maps, compasses, water purification tablets, thick wool clothes possibly make our own crossbows and bows and arrows even though i like rifles i disagree about bringing in firearms we should attempt to kill with our self made spears and so on i hope people don't get injured or diseased im pretty certain most people don't have the physical endurance for it lol

hey John or anybody else that's dead serious you need to call me because I am going to do this with someone or alone. ex military air traffic controller retired tree climber but still can do it. 53 going on ScottyB

Hi. I don't know if you have started on your dream yet, or if you still check the responses here. But I too share this dream and would love to find a site/forum to meet others who feel the same, have you found one?

If you know how to create a website or a forum do it. You have my support

About to do it..buying land out west, us, bordering blm land, building cob style structures out of property resources for shelter , hunting and planting, hard work involved, limited food and resources...plan on alot of poultry / free range style birds. would possibly be open to some company for help, IF it is the correct person / people. around 40 acres bordering another 640 of blm land. mountain terrain. will not be fun but may be fulfilling. Jeremiah Johnson and Grizzly Adams probably wouldn't have considered their lives fun..but full. No squeamish vegetarian hippys please.. the real world outside of society can be hard and harsh, a yearling is more tender than a prize buck. Archery or firearm skills are a must.

I too have had this desire. I hike and camp regularly as well as went on hunting trips in alaska for weeks at a time. I use potable solar panels and have a 40 sig and a marlin .45/70 I pack with me. I have afew years training as well. I do know it takes a certain personality to accoplish this dream. But I would like to find a group as well who know what it entails and willing to live life. I live in Indiana. 5743150459

I've had the training, and with the knowledge AND proper training it's rather easy to live in the wild.Granted,it's work you have to put in every day but the more people the easier it is.

Absolutely.The peace and solitude, would be its own reward.You're not alone, and if you ever decide to act on your thought, I'd happily accompany you on your quest.Who knows, we might even find answers to so many unanswered questions.

i have this dream and i wish that we can find many people and we go and make our special world and live with peace and in nature far of all this what happened this days. i am ready and i can go anywhere in Europe and this is my email:

Here are my reasons why you shouldn't do this:

if you are all alone, you will go crazy
if you are not trained well enough you are mostly likely to starve to death
You can be killed by a bear or any other wild animal.
You are very likely to go back to civilization, because you can not survive the wild.

Point is :
You will waste your time and risk your own life.

I've lived underline poverty and having no food is really something awful and scary.

If you want a change , yes do something . go on an adventure, but do not risk your own lives in stupid dreams.

I understand what are you trying to say, but i dissagree with you. You are right about the dangers, thats why you should not go alone or without any training. But if you really want to live in the wild you should do it. It is better to live your dreams even if only for a few years, then living a normal life (which you do not like) and never do anything.

For anyone who is interested, I have a similar dream to also live in the wild but also travel and experience the beauty of nature and the world. Some of the time I'd like to find small village farms who will let us work for our stay as well as camping out. I'm looking for a small group to go with and anyone who wants to discuss in detail please e-mail me at:
I welcome anyone who would like to do the same :)

Has anybody actually responded to the guy whose post this is?
I Live in Northern England. For people wanting this type of lifestyle, I would suggest North America. Scotland is far too small to escape civilisation. And the lands that are border line far enough, the land is far too inhospitable. To be honest I cant think of many places in Europe.
I want to do this also though, but there needs to be a plan. A destination, prediction of the lifestyle, occupations, how to control mental stability.
The films are made to be inspirational, don't be tricked

lets think about this together and find many people more they want do this ,, and in Europe i think good

My partner and I are leaving tomorrow to Scotland, hopefully somewhere near loch Awe, not sure yet. This is our escape from so-called civilization, we are leaving it all behind and starting a new, better life. If you would like to join us on our adventure it would be nice to have some company :) If so we are leaving tomorrow but will check our phones every Friday at 17:00pm-17:30pm, if your not about at the time leave us a text :) Wish us luck ;) -07443466294

Two friends and I are buying a land in Northern Ontario, a few miles from a small town, close to a lake for fish and an abundance of wildlife. We have been hunting, fishing and doing bushcraft since we were kids; we feel its our calling. This society is so wrong and yet there is still such beauty just waiting for us. To see the farm is to leave it

Good luck, come find us there will be a cabin for you.

I am wondering about your experiences so far? I finish my undergraduate degree in May and have been searching for an meaningful experience.

well guys thats my train booked ill arrive in fort william on friday morning and from there who knows!! somewhere miles from so-called society anyway. if anyone sees this before thursday night and has the same urge to get away from it all then please get in touch! would be nice to have some company on this adventure. otherwise wish me luck :)

I'm 20 years old and searching for some one to live in The Wild. If you want that to email me
Maybe we can start a group!

Im from holland by the way

I completely agree! My husband and I want to take our family and live off the land! We do want others to join so if you are in North Carolina email me!

I know very little about living in the wild but it is something I have been dreaming of doing for a long time. If someone is willing to teach me the way of the wild I would certainly be willing to accompany you in the wilderness.

Hey! I live in Norway, and the last couple of years I have wanted to live in the wild. I am sick of the materialistic world, money and our enslaving society.. If there is anyone out there who feel the same way, please leave a message! This concept is both scary and fascinating, but it is also something I would love to do. I don't know anyone who have the same mindset as me, which is probably why I never thought this would become a reality.

I agree that it is scary. living off the grid is another easier way to live. I hate how the government is controlling and knows everything about you. Your not alone, many want to run.. but the really issue is, who is brave enough too!

Reading this post made me feel young again..! I think most of what can be said has been said so not much to add really. I know from experience that solitude and nature can heal the soul. To commune with nature helps us to know ourselves, to understand what we really are, what we could and should become, it`s difficult to do that within the system but I`m not sure that looking for a viable long term life outside it is either sensible or possible without great personal sacrifice. I have spent lots of time walking and wild camping over the years and all my best moments have been when I was high in the hills and alone. I have never been scared or in danger as I have always been properly equipped, so that`s the only advice I can give you. Know what your up against and go prepared, let providence be your guide and don`t worry if you don`t find someone to go with, do it anyway, you will learn much and come back with better understanding with which to help you live a Happy Life, I did.
Good Luck..

Thank you! your words have inspired me! i will go back and although i may be alone, i have learned much since my last encounter in the wild. Thanks again

Well, despite the age and experience differences, yepp, this is what I was looking for! I may be young but I'm already fed up with modern society. Everyone always going to war against other because of their different ideology, and everyone's lives being monitored by the government like something form Orwell's 1984!

Since I read this fantastic book depicting hunter gatherer life around 6,000 years ago, despite the slightly childish/fantastical nature of the book, I have longed for that kind of life, away from money, politics, and all the pointless bureaucracy that comes with it!
Though all the sources I have looked at claim you need to by the land before you can live on it. I just want a nice sparsely populated area where I can make my own shelters, hunt my own food, and live my life the way I would like to. Needless to say, not forever. A few years, maybe more. Well, who knows, I might love it, and get eaten by a bear when I'm 60 :L But I am glad I have found people with a similar frame of mind :) I too am not just joking about this, this is one of my life's ambitions.

Yes! Yes 'twas Wolf Brother, and all the other books in the series. I read about that sort of life, and thought " wouldn't it be great if I could live like that too!"

Well, happy to hear someone else had the same thoughts when reading the book!

This is the last chance for people in the UK to join me to live wild in the galloway area of scotland, and live to be totally self reliant and at peace. I went there with 3 other guys to do this last week and they all let me down and decided to quit and go home. So i had to go back and regroup and rethink. Now i decide to brave it alone if no one else is willing to join me. I will be leaving sometime in may so there is not much time.

i am also up for this venture i need to break free from the shackles of modern civilization i have prepped a few items already i have books on edible plants, hunting techniques, shelter building books water purification techniques i have a tent sleeping bag tinned food and water to take into the wilderness along with a 200 pound hunting crossbow i also have a book on making bows and arrows for hunting purposes, once the techniques are perfected the books can disappear as well as the tinned food and bottled water, i am fit 28 year old male and feel have no purpose in this modern age, the highlands in Scotland are fit for purpose here in the UK and in so deep you would have to rely on survival instincts as some of these remote places don't ever see people at all which makes way for perfect wilderness survival, Canada also is an ideal place but faced with bears and severe winters you would have to be as experienced as ray mears to survive with little or no experience. Please anyone planning on doing this seriously I am looking for people to join me or me to join them and i am wanting to do this now but not on my own as the loneliness would kill you if anything were to go wrong please get in touch.

hi mate if your reading this then id guess you couldnt find anyone to accompany you. im going to scotland on friday with or without anyone else. so if you see this before then and still want to go then please let me know.

I dream this dream too ive even tried it once just moved into the woods but I was unprepared. Just turn your back on covilisation and live like the animals do. Leave behind the pressures of life and money.

Just keep going back out. You will survive longer each time.

the dream is alive again!!!!!!

Is this still happening? Im so ready to be apart of something like this.

Me too!