Into the Wild, anyone? Cause I just finished it.
It was worth the fifteen dollars I spent (because all the used bookstores were sold out, so I was forced to go to B&N)
It was worth the time it took to read it
and its worth reading again.
And if you've got an itching for adventure, its pretty much a must read.
Also great life choices: The Road (Jack Kerouac) and ON The Road (Cormac McCarthy).
Changed my life man
so good
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Yes! I read this last month it was awesome..really gonna read some of the books metioned in the story ..they sound good also, Call of the Wild i think its called..apparently there is a film on the should check it out.

Yeah I read it for a class, and then we watched the movie. Its really good. Great soundtrack!
And Call of the Wild is a great one too, its like the classic wilderness adventure book. I read that one in like 6th grade. I wasn't old enough to really understand and appreciate it, but I remember that I loved it haha

If its good enough for you and Chris its good enough for me might inspire me to burn all my money and go it alone :)

Just don't eat eat the potato seeds!