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A Belly Button Fetish

Since the age of 14 I have had this sexxual fetish about being shot, stabbed , getting a spear or arrow or sword into my belly button and my lower abs. I would make up different scenarios about others doing that to me, fantasize while playacting the scene where an attacker does it to me, doubling over and grunting  they got me in the belly I sag onto the ground my hands clawing at my wounds. The fantasy leaves me with a terrific erection and desire to jack off and I fantasize that my attacker comes over strips me naked and sodomizes me while jacking me off to *********** as I die with the ultimate final ******. I want some one who will have me naked and actually stick a knife into me under my belly button about 2cm or so  enough to draw blood that would run down my shaved lower bell through my shaved pubes area and onto my hard on, then the person could jack me off until I come while ******* me up the ***. I have had numerous jo and suck buddies over the years but none willing to go all the way with the knife scene. I have stuck myself a few times but is not the same thing for me as having another person do me in the belly. Anyway I am what I am.

ward8 ward8 36-40, M 11 Responses Nov 30, 2009

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Hi, How's it going? found anyone yet?

Yes A guy with the same fetish we get naked to gether and shoot each other in the low belly with 22 blank rounds and then crawl onto each others belly humping our hard ons into each other until we climax and exchange ***. Feel Free to join us anytime we would love to have your **** and belly with us .

Makes me feel good as a kid I wasn't only in this.

i am a 34 year old man who lives at 4045 castel dr. groveport ohio 43125 i am hirring some one to rape me and then stab and impale me in my belly button then consume my blood and my flesh and my skin and my organs in real life

i am hiring any body to have sex with me them murder me by stabing and inpaling me in my belly button then consuming my blood and my skin and my flesh and my organs in real life

Since I wrote this story I've come to see that being knifed in the belly for me is equivalent to being ****** in the *** as far as sexual arousal and satisfaction goes. The same grunts, groans, gasps I make when being ****** are the same ones I make when being stabbed in the belly, the knife is a phallus and it goes through me into my gut, the **** goes up inside my gut. the knife and **** are both tools for bringing me to ******. I think that guys who like to get it in the belly like myself are the ones who liked to be ****** at the end, guys who like to do the stabbing are those who like to **** others in the ***.

where in the belly do you want to be stabbed?

in my belly button i also want raped and cannibalised

where in the belly do you want to be stabbed?

Oh I am so exited now! Because reading your fantasies is just like seeing mine written! Even knowing that there are people that exactly share the same fantasies as me gives me great pleasure. This increases my chance of fulfilling it!

i am a regular person but i have a dark secret i want fulfilled i want to find someone who will stab my belly i live in the central U.S. and want to find a dominitress who's not afriad to put a knife in and out of my defenceless guts. i'v had a knife all the way in a few time's. yea i did my resaerch. anyway<br />
is there anyone out there.

Have you ever play acted that scenario out with a jo buddy say, if you want to share experiences about this fetish get back to me my pc does not do well on this site or on gmail.

I have always wanted and arrow or spear threw my navel.

I get off on that desire the thought of a spear going through my bellybutton and then being sodomized is an instant hard on for me