I am not an exhibitionist, but I find my thoughts leading me to think of sexual situations outside.

In my younger days I did find myself in a couple of situations outside. Does a car count?

It was a hot summer day and it was me and my boyfriend and another couple(I was probably 19). We went fishing, renting out two boats. The boys in one and us girls in the other. I don't recall being out on the water too long. We were all drinking and the other girl and I were constantly sexually teasing the boys from across the water. Nothing extremely erotic, we would just flash them the goods and holler out dares and dirty talk. We all got so hot though. After turning in the rentals we didn't get far down the road and we had to find a place to "park". We were in my old hoopty car, a very spacious Buick with bench seats in front and back. I don't remember too many details about our shinanigans, we were young and always ready for sex so we just got down to business. I do remember my enjoyment of the young man in the back seat constantly peaking over the seat to see me. I had what was probably the best ****** of my teen years. :) What triggers my memory of this are warm early summer days.

My next experience was really hot. My relationship with my boyfriend had gone in a bad(violent) direction and I knew things were over(i'm 21 now). He had this friend who was a major player. He had always been bringing new girls to our place and sharing other stories of his exploits with other women. He was gorgeous and he saw how neglected and mistreated I was. He really started paying attention to me and I ate it up. When we would all go out and my boyfriend would have to step out(smoke dope), this guy really put the moves on. Once we were in a bar and he asked me to dance and I believe we turned the whole place upside down the way we ended up grinding on each other. But this is about outside experiences. My sisters came to visit me and we all went out, cant remember why my boyfriend didn't go, it didn't really matter. We found his friend though, or did he find us? We went out to this hill where we could see the lights of the town below. We were all drinking(of course) and he and I got really hot for eachother again. We had driven up there in his truck and I was conveniently wearing a skirt. His friend was keeping my sisters occupied when He and I started making out. I was perched up on the bench seat of his truck with him standing at the open door between my legs. He had a hard on for me before we even started kissing. His enormous hard on was an instant turn on for me so I was ready for him. We did it right there out in the open on that warm summer evening. I remember his hands on my hips pulling me forward onto him. It was amazing, and he came quick. My sisters were there so I wasn't going to get my satisfaction that night, but I think this is one reason I would like to play this out again(minus the sisters). This is one fantasy I want to play out, I want to go out and have a good time and get so worked up that when we get home we can't make it all the way out of the truck and into the house. I want my truck sex ******. :D

I started realizing my "want" to do it outdoors probably about 8 years ago. I was laying out in the sun on the back deck and in one of those moods when I really found myself feeling attractive and turned on. No one could see me so I slid one hand into my bikini bottoms and the other was teasing my nipple through the bikini top. It felt so good to be touching myself that way and getting myself so wet and squirming around out there in the warm sun. I would almost get to climax and then I would stop, only to start again. I repeated this several times. Just out there in the sun teasing myself until I finally couldn't take it anymore. Another one of my best *******. So the other thing I want to play out, well actually that creates two. I want to ********** on the back porch again. But I would like to enjoy someone else to. I imagine spooning in a double lounger(need one hahaha) with me wearing a full summer skirt that can be discreetly lifted and used as cover while being taken by my lover who would be sweetly teasing my nipples and kissing on my neck and shoulder. I have been dreaming of this one for a while. :)

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I need a cigarette!! whew!! would love to have been the lucky guy!

Whew. Nice story.
Having sex outside is great. Enjoy

fantastic read miss Sun..always a pleasure ..ty Lj

i think exhibitionism is a huge turn on for all of us

I've recently met back up with the guy in the truck. I'm wondering if he and i can make more stories ;)

You are correct Miss tiny

Would you like to go for a ride on my motor cycle?

mmm lovely fantasies! You describe them and set the scene well: I can almost feel the hot nights and the hot you. Dan x

I volunteer to catch you, I love to see and be seen. If I did catch you, would you want me to just watch quietly or would you enjoy watching me tend to my own growing state of arousal?