Living Peace

I want to live peace, not just wish for it. There are many people whose eyes you can look into and you see love, peace and grace. That's what I wish to attain. When someones personality is so strong in anger, another person may speak to them about how angry they are to relate to the person. People want to relate. A lot of them do, anyway. Not all. Though living peace by using always peaceful actions, especially during conflict and in the way that I speak, I am hoping that I can attract more people in my life who can relate.
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

You will attract many like you, into your life! You are aware enough to put it in writing.... :)

It has always been my goal in life to live this way.Patience,respect,goodwill are all ingredients in attaining this goal.We may falter occasionally however when we do we must try to make peace from the good that lies within us,and mean it.
Lovely post,thank you for sharing it.

Thankyou for your lovely comment Garvan :D