Is Not Wanting to Live With Intention

Is not wanting to live with intention an intention?

I'm just asking...

Seems as if you already have you want, if you want this.
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I have participated in group intention experiments before on Lynne McTaggart's site. She is the author of "The Intention Experiment." I never fully understood the power of intention until I experienced the unity of thousands of other focusing on the same intent at the same time.<br />
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Unconscious intent is a topic that I would like to learn more about. I myself believe that some of my life may be influence by my unconscious intentions. Learning more about this is important to me, and I thank you JRSK007 for asking that question.

Not wanting to live with intention is an unconscious intention, as you will live your life by reaction. If you live life with intention, you set your intention on how you want to be or what you want to have. Then live your life. It's like a mission statement.