I Want to Find It...

Passion is something my life is, and has been lacking for so long. I can't remember a time when I've had a passion for anything. Usually, I end up developing a joy for things my partners or friends love. Eventually, it's not enough.

I don't remember what makes ME happy anymore. Passionate romance, art, music. They used to make me happy, but it's been so long. Now I just escape into my playlists and imagination.

I need to find something that will spark my passions again. The big question: Where do I even begin?

Surujen Surujen
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

passion is always knocking at the door some times we just to let in.

They say, if you can't find what makes you happy, then you have been living your life solely for others. You - an individual human being - don't exist any more. <br />
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You need to find yourself again. The fact you already know you need to find yourself, find what makes YOU happy is the very first step. <br />
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Go away from your normal social circle, try something, anything new - church is a good place to start usually.<br />
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I find so much there.

for me its always the kitchen. I find myself lock away in a tiny room it would be here. Gadgets, china, and pots. You imagine all the recipes you haven't tried, and you burn a lot of things before you get better. Then you feel with every cut and every slice how it would taste in the end. It starts with a simple meal then it becomes into a brunch and sooner or later you start catering. Thats good tasting passion there that no one will want to resist.