I'm Sick Of Just Merely Existing... >:-/

I WANT TO LIVE!!! I'm sick of this just going through the motions and having to work a job just to have money in order to buy things to distract me from the fact that I'm not really living... I'm sick of it! Sick of it! Sick of it! Sick of it!!! GRRAAWWR!!

I want to have a life of freedom and adventure where I can go where I want to go and do what I want to do and not have to worry about stuff! Carefree? Ehh.. maybe just a little. I'd have to care about where I'm going to get food and fresh water. I'd also have to worry about finding shelter from the weather for myself and those with me.. But I still believe that that is how life is SUPPOSED to be! Not all this sitting around and being lazy, working a steady job in order to pay for a nice comfortable home and to pay for all the nice distractions that technology has given us.. That's just BORING!!!!! TTTT^TTTT

So I'm going to LIVE!! I'm gathering a crew even as I type this message and we're going to get a ship and sail the world together! No jobs, no rules (except mine as the Captain), no restrictions (except those that will keep us out of trouble with the law), and no worries! Just me and the gang! >:) Anyone else out there want to join us? Could get together a whole fleet of ships! XD

The Dream Ship Brigade!!! XDD
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Agree so much lol. Good on ya though, sailing the world sounds so freaking awesome, definitely would like that life style. Good luck in your endeavours!

You're welcome to join the crew if you so desire~ There's only 4 of us so far. Ship's got room for 4 more~ ;)

Thanks I would gladly take up the offer but I got a few things to do here @ home. Might be travelling in a few years might look you up then if you're still sailing? Appreciate it though, enjoy! :)

We won't set sail for another 2 yrs.. The crew and I also have to get our lives in order before we can actually do all this. Heck! I still have to learn how to sail and buy the ship! lol!! So yeah.. We'll be just setting sail by about 2014 or 2015~

I hope your net speed is fast enough to watch this.... it's about about an hour and a half long... so make some popcorn.... It's called "Hold Fast".....<br />
<br />

I like the idea, ......my idea on a ship is no clothes, no rules, no ppl that are boring, nothing but fun fun fun and the freedom to be free.....

lol~^^ Idk about no clothes.. But the rest sounds pretty darn good! ;)

No rules remember....so it might have to be clothing optional

That sounds good to me~^^

yes it is an ideal to be free, feel free and have clear thoughts.....i said clear not clean.....lol....Best wishes ...S

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I'll come and be the chef for ya'll if you'll have me ;)

We'll be living off of what we catch in the ocean around us~ You ok with that? :)

I can cook anything anyway you want

i want to join and be your first mate :)

Afraid the 1st Mate position has already been filled.. but if you are really that interested I can send you the info in a message~^^

sure i don't mind