Access Denied Belt Wearer

In 1996, while on a trip to Long Island I was fitted for an Access Denied stainless steel chastity belt, which i now wear quite often, and usually for lengthy periods of time. It's completely secure and totally escape proof. The belt design is similar to the German belts now made by Neosteel, and though more than 15 years old shows almost no wear. I can guarantee the wives that any husband locked in a full steel chastity belt will more than agree to do the housework, and also focus on Her needs, just for the hope of being unlocked. The woman who had me fitted use to say "a male chastity belt surely focuses a man's mind in ways only a strong woman will understand" - then She always laughed. Take it from me it's true :)
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1 Response Jun 30, 2011

My got an Access Denied belt and gave the keys to my wife in 99 because I was out of town a lot and she suspected me of playing around. Mine is still like new also and you are right, I cannot do anything when it is locked on which is almost always these days. The only benefit is she has believed me ever since it was locked on and I do everything I can to please her to get out even for 5 minutes. To make sure it stays on she locks a heavy chain around my neck before she takes it off even for a minute. The chain only comes off when the belt is back on.

When I'm locked for being bad (not climaxing when I should, getting erect when I shouldn't, playing with myself), if I deserve it I get cleaned down there but I have put on a gasmask then handcuff myself behind my back with a pair of Smith & Wesson handcuffs. The gasmask keeps me from making much noise and certainly can't say anything understandable and the handcuffs keep me from reaching around front while unprotected.