Already Locked

About 8 years ago I gave my wife a Christmas present.  It was a CB 3000 for me and she has held the key ever since.  The bad part is that she seldom allows me to take it off but that is compensated by the wonderful exciting sex we have when she does.  If you want that teenage feeling if wanting sex so bad you almost beg for it it is a great thing to do.  I often wish I could go back to when I could go to the bathroom and satisfy myself but know this is much better for me and out marriage.

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that is so ture if an when it comes off awesome sex

I have had long periods of lock up also, and decided that I would not do what caused any of them again, unfortunately for me we are celebrating the completion of 20 years of chastity with a repeat of my first lockup.<br />
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Does anyone know you are in locked chastity and get spankings? I remember how embarassing that felt when others fund out. It can still be quite embaraing.

that is so sweet and nice
yes it is very embrassing when the few found out i was lock in chastity and not just that but panties and spankings for not obeying

oh yes some people know im in chastity and spank andit was very humilating and embarrassing how they found out wife did not care
great 20 years i am only 16 yearslock up

I get released every 4-6 weeks depending on how I am acting. I have been locked a lot longer for punishment. I am also spanked for things I do or don't do and they are not playful in any way.

i get unlock maybe every 8 or 9 months for cleaning and lock back up no cuming