I suffer from claustrophobia and it is getting worse.........
lifts   trains...tunnels...back of 2 door cars etc etc     Recently I seem to be thinking of it a lot..

My story starts when I was 23 and 6 months pregnant with my first child.  I was using the bathroom in a friends house , a very small room with no windows
and a key in the lock.................... I had never had a panic attack before then, although my sister had clautrophobia since childhood and I never really understood it.
I turned the key to unlock the door and it would not open. Suddenly I felt hysterical and I felt as if my head was expanding, I could feel my heart racing and just before I went into violent hysterics I managed to turn the key and open the door. That was the start and from then on I could not get in an elevator or drive through
long tunnels etc.

For a while I thought I was doing fine but some months ago I got on a london tube and that really freaked me out.  Luckily I jumped off and got on a bus only the bus became quite full and again I had to jump off. When I am in my car the window must be open no matter what the weather.

I feel I must do something about this because it is starting to take over my life.

I have just found this sight and would like to hear how others cope . If anyone has actually been cured and  if therapy works.
I cannot even watch people on tv in tunnels or closed window cars so I am in need of help

Thanks to whom ever reads this
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51-55, F
Aug 12, 2010