I'll Take Every Measure Necessary

I believe I am pretty. I can look at myself in the mirror and see a beautiful face looking back. I get hit on by guys and whatnot. But when my eyes travel down is when I feel ugly. I have beautiful breasts and a nice ***...but ugly thighs, a protruding stomach, flabby arms, forming a double chin. I just kept telling myself it doesn't matter. I don't need to impress anyone but AJ (My long-term boyfriend) as long as he think I'm beautiful. I'm ok.

It wasn't until today that we were laying together. I had my top off and we were watching television. When we rubbed his hands down my back, grabbed onto some flab, and jokingly said "mm...fat roll" It was a joke, and he keeps saying he's sorry...and he was SO upset. He never thinks before he speaks. THAT was the last straw for me. I came home today, had my last meal. I ate some lasagna and a little piece of garlic bread. And now, I'm over it. I'm over food and I'm over fat. I guess this IS the beginning of anorexia you could say. But I'm tired of feeling ugly because I see my body as ugly. I'm tired of being called fat.

I work at McDonalds *which will make the food intake hard* and since working there *for about 3 months* I'm been called fat or implied fat 5 times. Of course they say they're joking and get angry because I'm "one of those girls that think they're fat when they're NOT" but I don't find it funny. And I believe some guys AREN'T joking. I'm done with fats and I'm done with FOOD. I'm on a liquid diet from NOW ON!! We all have to do something to make ourselves look and feel better...this is my way. It may not be the best, but it's the only way I know. Diet and exercising don't work for me and take to long. A week of not eating will drop me 5 pounds easy. I've done it before on a spell where I just was never hungry. This way, within a few months, I'll have a body that is satisfaction!!

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This is just my opinion...but most posts here are all about losing weight, pointing out that people are just jealous etc...<br />
Here's the thing...You don't have to be a size 0 or even a size 10 to be hot hot hot! You could just be "the you today" without crash dieting or starving yourself and still look and feel spectacular.<br />
I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea as far as looks are concerned, but I know that when someone is looking at me, they think I'm a hot looking lady.<br />
Why? Well because I think so. The truth is, they might be looking at me thinking I'm a porker, ugly or "oh she has a pretty face" <Hate it when people say that so annoying...But in all honesty, all I'm thinking is "hell yah baby, that's right I'm smokin!'" <br />
You see, what you think of yourself, is exactly what others think of you. You're looking for those who think you're fat. So that's all you can see. You think you're fat so you're acting like someone who isn't as good, or as pretty as someone else. Have you ever noticed "The Hot Girl" in the room, at work or school? You know who I'm talking about...That girl who the guys drool over, she always gets the attention, she walks into the room and she gets noticed...NOW, take a good look at her, how she is acting, how she stands, how she interacts with others...CONFIDENCE, that's how. Odds are she's not everyone's cup of tea...but she gets everyone's attention and knows it. BUT Does she REALLY have everyone's attention? NOPE. But she sure as hell thinks she does. Because those who don't notice her, she doesn't notice them. For sure there will be some people that thinks she doesn't measure up. There always will be. But she doesn't even know they exist. Beacuse she's too busy paying attention to those who feel the same way about her..that she's hot & fly and loving it! FYI, how much someone weighs or the size of clothes they wear isn't what's hot,...how you feel about yourself, is exactly what others will feel about you. It's all you will ever notice. That's why girls who weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, can feel fat and ugly and why 250 pound girls can take over the room and feel like they are hottest person there. You may think losing 5 pounds will do it, but what actually will change how you look at yourself...is how you look at yourself. You're not a walking stomach, chin or pudgy arms. You're a whole woman and people look at you as a whole. Not in body parts. This is why that saying "you don't see what others see" is true. It's because you target what you're looking at, but everyone else doesn't ever see you that way. But no matter what you see in the mirror, what others will think, is whatever you decide. So darling, PLEASE, have another look before you hurt your health with starvation. Beyond the fact that once you do eat, your body will store everything you put in your mouth because it knows that maybe it won't get any food after, so it will store it (as fat) for later. That's also why when you starve then ate "you gain twice the weight back". You want fast?....Changing how you see yourself can happen in one minute. Spend time seeing the fabulous things about yourself, take time to get yourself all pretty. A uniform at work doesn't stop you from putting makeup on and doing your hair, having manicured nails and dewy skin. GIRL...being hot and beautiful and sexy is all attitude. Have you ever seen a super hot girl who acts like she is a nobody or a wall flower? NOPE because you would never notice her. Think about it.

oh and of course try to cut out some not so good foods... i havent really ...but better results will come.and tons of water....<br />
and again.. you ladies are all beautiful inside and out.. and u will see this one day.<br />
the people that say the insults are either plain stupid or jealous.

i can understand where everyone is coming from..as iam one of those girls that everyone wants to look like but i do not feel i am.i have a belly and huge legs and butt...<br />
i can only give everyone some personal advice.You are all beautiful inside and out, and i knwo this wont help one bit so here is my second advice and personal story.I met my bf when 3 yrs ago at my great weight of 110.then i gained.i was 140 (ht of 5,1 so we all know it shows alot more but its not the point of how much i weighed i just felt like a big fat horse.so i decided enough was enough i can sit her and hide from the world or i can do soemthing abut it.so i started doing the crossfit. done by the military and adopted by paramedics.i started 3 weeks ago,its the hardest workout i think anyone will ever do.but the pay off is great.i already notice that i look a little different.but my confidence is so much better.I am still about 137 but iam muscle now.and iam beautiful.my arms dont flow with the wind and i embrace my greek legs and butt.they are beautiful.so u see this workout didnt only make me look betetr but after running 1000m and thrusting 65 pounds and 400 skips and so much more i feel so much better.so much prettier.i guarentee u will love it and feel all around better.try it.google cross fit.they have workouts and everything.if u dont feel better in a month then i will eat my own words.try it what have u got to loose but weight ...

Oh god, I know what you mean. I'm the same way. I'm not really overweight.. about 5 more pounds and my BMI would be considered "overweight". But, I mean, I tried on a swimsuit a few weeks ago and it threw me into about a week of anorexia. And then of course I got tired of it, decided never to go swimming again, and started eating my usual diet again. It's so so hard. I can never stick to a diet. <br />
<br />
Anyway, I hypocritically agree with TD: no crash dieting! And if you really wanna lose weight, set a realistic goal for yourself that will keep you within a healthy weight, and remember.. you're gorgeous :-) Screw those people who implied you're fat. They're just jealous of you!

*Correcting* your diet, and exercise are the only way to achieve lasting weight loss. Crash dieting makes people lose muscle (which you'll need to look toned), and then causes rebound weight gain which is just all fat. Without health, true beauty is hard to achieve.