Not Gonna Happen

I had added this goal, to look good in a swimsuit by the time I go to San Diego, which I leave for on Monday. Having added the goal around mid-July, it would have involved doing about 20 sit-ups a day and maybe jogging a few times a week. Not hard, right? Yeah, well, it just didn't happen. And now I have like 6 days left. But you know what happened? I stopped caring so much. I just put on my old swimsuit last week and went off to the pool and found that most people were fatter than me anyway. So what if I have a couple jiggly parts. A little jiggly never hurt anything. My boyfriend has more jiggly parts than I do. He doesn't care. Who do I have to impress, the beautiful toned lifeguards at some San Diego beach? Nah. They don't know what real beauty is.

*struts around in her swimsuit, jiggling with pride*
mspac mspac
22-25, F
Aug 7, 2007