71 Days to Loose As Much Weight As Possible

On June 30th I am going to go Italy and Greece and I am determined to be skinnier. My overall goal is to loose 70lbs which ain't gonna happen in 71 days. My plan is to eat as little as possible and excercise at least 2 hours a day, which will give me excellent results. I way around 200lbs and I've lost like 5lbs already by doing nothing. If anyone has tips or anything that can help me please let my know! I'm also not going to eat anything fried, any bread, rice, red meat, junk food, sweets...and anything that's "bad". And whenever I eat it's going to be fruits, veggies, oatmeal, tuna, yogurt...and other healthy things.

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Advise on Yogurt. Check the calories in these. I would get PLAIN (no sugar added) and add your own fruit. Cut up an apples, grapes or other fruits. Place them in a zip lock bag. YES fruit has sugar, but it's a different kind. Stay clear of CANE sugar.
Yogurt is great. Read up on how it helps your body process food.
If you aren't normally a water drinker you will have to give yourself time to get used to it. Soon you will realise the more you drink, the more you crave.

oh wow, i didn't even notice how long ago you posted this, I hope i was of help anyway.

Never too late! :)

I hope not lol 5 years later and still need to lose some weight but I have a completely different mentality about it all. It used to be from a hateful and sad place and now (I'm trying) it's more loving and about health.

Nice. Keep it up!
I love helping people to slim down. I've read a book "why we get fat" by Gary Taubes which opened my eyes. My brother who struggled his entire childhood with obesity, finally lost the weight effortlessly in a short period of time on the system suggested by Taubes.

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oh my! I wrote this a year ago and I'm astounded at how crazy & unbelievable my goals were. I ended up not losing any weight at all. Thank you so much for your comment, it brought me back to reality. So much time has passed and my health hasn't improved it has gotten worse and if I don't change I'll just keep gaining more and more weight...Well it's a new year and I know I'm going to make a new me.

It's great that you want to get in better shape for the summer, but you should not set unachievable goals for yourself. It's ok to eat some sweets from time to time. You should not make this time period too difficult on yourself because you might not want to continue exercising and dieting later on. you can check out muscleandstrength.com for exercise routines. There is also another website called my-calorie-counter.com where you can keep a food diary and keep track for all the calories you are eating. I hope you have fun in the summer. Italy is beautiful!