My Best Friend, My Hero, My Man..

In high school, I was always kinda the girl that just tagged along on other peoples dates.  The third wheel, the one that got asked to come along because she's our friend and who cares if she's single.  I cared more about my grades than anything else, getting far in life and getting into a good college is a dream of mine.  Because of this, along with having pretty grueling basketball practice, I didn't put much time into my appearance.  I was 5'3 overweight, and definitly no where near the prettiest girl in school.  I don't drink, I don't chew, and I don't smoke and these automatically put me near the bottom of the coolness scale. My self esteem was fairly low, but it was alright because I was pretty used to feeling like that.  The only guy I had really dated only dated me to get in my pants and ended up cheating on me after a few weeks.  I was feeling pretty down about everything when all of a sudden Trae walked into my life.  One volleyball game he sat  next to me and talked to me.  We laughed and shared stories and began to pay more attention to each other than the game.  Suddenly he began texting me, asking about my life, and constantly flirting.  Then, the night of my uncles wedding, he asked me to go steady and start dating.  I was a little uneasy at first but I said yes.  He's given me so much-I now feel beautiful and loved all because of him.  He held my hand after my two concussions and dealt with my constant whining about the headaches that followed.  When I was sick he brought me daisies (my favorite flower),  watched beauty and the beast (my favorite movie), and gave me foot massages.  He's spent countless hours listening to me tell about my stupid girl drama, and has held me what I cried about how mean some girls have been.  He quickly became my best friend-we seriously did EVERYTHING together.  Then, on our ten month anniversary, he got called to duty.  I have never missed someone so insanely much, he was not only my boyfriend buy my best friend.  He's currently in basic training and I'm so scared. I feel as if all my motivation has dissipated from me since he's left.  In about three years and seventeen weeks he will finish active and that day will be the happiest day of my life.  I miss my hunnie. 

kwillfahrt14 kwillfahrt14
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010