Sick of Being Overweight

I`ve always been an active slim kind of a guy. I used to run 12km a day, swim, hold an active job whilst still being able to eat & drink as I please.

Then, a few issues arose. I injured my back, suffered a few bouts of depression (anti-depressants are marvelous at helping stack on the blubber) and have been battling an on-going tendency to binge drink. Add to that, the fact that I am now middle-aged, and well, I let myself go.

At my fittest I weighed 68 kg. When I last visited the doctor some months ago I was 87kg and for the 1st time in my life I was to I had high blood pressure, and that my cholesterol was starting to get out of hand.

18 months ago I became a first time dad at the age of 43. I have to get healthy, so that I can be a fit & active father. I want to be here to see my son become an adult, and I also want to a positive role model for this amazing little man.

For vanities sake I want to look good naked once again. I would so love to be an object of desire once again, instead of being a pudgy little potato.

My weight at the moment is 81kg. My goal is to get down to 70kg by the time I turn 45 in july. I have started running again, I`m doing 10km 3 - 4 times a week. I`m also swimming (40 laps) once a week, and taking my dog & my son for an hours walk most days.

I`m getting plenty of excercise, but the weight seems to sit there. I think my love of cold beer has a lot to do with that fact, which is another issue in itself I need to deal with.

musicmad musicmad
41-45, M
Mar 13, 2009