Ready To Get Back In Shape

2yrs ago i was at my heaviest 178lbs. What's shocking about this is that I am only 5'2. Obviously this was not healthy for me at all. In feb of 2008 i started dating this guy and felt so uncomfortable with myself. He is the type of guy who really enjoys working out and staying healthy. After a few months of dating i finally told him i wanted to start working out with him. From June to the end of Sept. i had already lost 51lbs. Yup i was now at 127. I felt GREAT now i had more energy and my whole body changed completly! I guess those are the benefits of being healthy.  As of now Feb of 2010 i haven't work out in like a year or so. From Nov. 2009 to right now i went up to 140lbs. The main reason i want to get back in shape is because now when i walk around campus i feel tired and get so out of breath, even more going up so many stairs! So that's not good. It will be a little hard going back to eating healthy and working out again, mainly because i am addicted to chocolate, coke, and wings aaahh! haha but I am ready to make a change.  Besides i can't wear a hoodie when its hot outside! :D. So any of you starting to work out and/or eating right?? I would love to hear your stories!! :)

WonderWoman19 WonderWoman19
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010