Still Here Looking For Hope...

After a lifetime of being obese I made the decision to get the lap band. I ensure my insurance would cover and did all prep test. The last one was the endoscope. During this was found a nodule. I was informed at that time no consent for lap band and I will need to have this nodule dealt with> My mind is thinking the worst the C word. But I need to get a grip and deal with the situation no matter what it is.

   I came across this board I want to lose 200lbs and am using this to deal with my frustration/anger /loss of hope and despair. I am making a commitment to lose 200lbs> I weigh over 370 at present.    I do not know why I am sharing my pain/confusion and anger except I am overwhelmed and do not know where to turn.. I hope and pray I have the strength I need to move this mountain of me that I have made and deal with the outcome of this nodule event...

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I wish you the best, and know that every one of is is beautiful

all the best to you on your journey...remember to be kind to yourself...overeating is a disorder and a problem for a lot of are not are always welcome to share your feelings here...hope for the best and deal with whatever comes your way knowing that stuff happens to everyone and things usually work out in the end....((((HUGS)))))

If your health is being affected by your weight,then by all means,don't go on a diet,make a life change.Diets are for temporary weight loss.Not something for the rest of your life.If we listened to every expert on food and exercise,we wouldn't allow ourselves anything to eat or drink,and I do mean ANYTHING.It's damned if you do,damned if you don't.SO throw away the self help books and go with what can really help.Everyones body is different.What may be a good regimen for me,might kill you,and vice versa.I eat veggies,but I cannot eat as much fruit as the "experts" say. Don't get me wrong,I love bananas,cherries,and other fruit,but they don't love my stomach back.Citric acid from fruit like oranges and lemons make me sick.My dad can't eat green veggies because the type of blood thinner he's on can have a reaction to the vitamins in the green veggies,causing a blood clot.My mother cannot eat fruit because fruit has a lot of natural sugar that raises her blood sugar into dangerous levels.<br />
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As far as food goes,I've stopped drinking sodas since last summer(they give me TERRIBLE fizz rushes now),I bring home wheat bread,skim milk,canned veggies(since the frozen and fresh ones cost more.I was going to buy strawberries a few weeks ago and it costs a little over $6.00 with tax for a damn small package.I was pissed!).I also have reduced my red meat intake greatly.I mostly eat chicken,not fried.The only weakness I have is not sweets though,but potatoes.**** the snickers,I'll take a baked potato ANY day.SO far I'm still working on that one.But progress takes time,just like anything worth doing right.<br />
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As for exercise,make it something you find fun.I love dancing,so DDR is a good workout.They even have a workout mode where you can have a goal of either a time limit or calories burned.Dancing too much for you,but you like martial arts?Try tai chi.It's not a strain for people your weight,plus,it helps with your balance.I'm nowhere near your weight,but I'm no size zero.<br />
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Beware dangerous surgeries,so do your homework on procedures and doctors.There are quacks out there who cheated on their final exam in college.<br />
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And keep in mind to do it FOR YOUR HEALTH,NOT LOOKS!I'm tired of the media and others playing at each others insecurities I could scream.Like I said,I'm no size 0 but I'm happily married and (sorry for TMI,but as an example),I have a great sex life with my husband.I never had confidence or hope till I met him.So don't despair with idealistic terms of "sexy".Hotness and beauty are opinions,not facts.I think Vincent price was a handsome man,but some people will disagree with me. Some people think angelina jolie is hot,but I disagree.There's something something creepy about a skeleton with fish lips ;)P.s. brad isn't anything to look at either.If you met him in person and looked at a magazine with him on it,you'd want to see his drivers license too!<br />
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Most of all,don't despair,that will only cause you to sabotage yourself.Just do your homework and learn about your body and the rest will be history ;) good luck honey!

I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best. Sending a virtual hug.