Just a Little

I would like to lose just a little weight. I am a plus-sized girl. And I don't mind it much. I would just like to trim off just a little fat. I would still be plus-sized, my clothing standards, but that's fine with me! I just want to feel a little lighter, that's all. ;-)

I currently weigh 190 pounds. It would be nice to be 170 or 160. Nothing too drastic, just a little slimmer. If not, as long as I stay 190, and not gain anymore weight than that, I'll be happy. :-D


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7 Responses Mar 25, 2009

That's it. Something that 'slots into' your life.

Just moderate exercise each day, shadow. No need for Gym clubs, a room full of exercise equipment and all that stuff. I've been on a walk today!

yep, it's all about feeling alright :)

not my fault if they advertise!!! damn ep!!! i want burger *cries*

hah! On the pictures you've seen I weigh about 145 pounds although you're much taller than me :P I'd like to be back to 120 again.. currently I'm around 135..<br />
so much talk about weight :P doesn't matter that much anyway :)

you n do it. I ride 7 miles on the exercise bike 4 days a week When it cools down a bit Im going to start walking again.

and guess what picture is there beside your story..i want the burger!!