I Need to Trim It Up So I Dont Have to Suck It In

I am fat. Everyone around me says I'm fine, I know they are lying they don't want to hurt my feelings but really wouldn't it be nice if people told you when you are putting on some extra weight, it is easier to stop it then.

Regardless, I have at least an extra fifty pounds hanging onto my stomach, my legs, arms, and thighs, not to mention my face and ***. I would love to say that I am going to get rid of it all, but I doubt I will be able to.

Baby steps.

I want to lose fifty pound by Christmas this year. I don't think that it will happen, but I really hope I can come close, and why not? Taht is ten pounds a month...roughly, twenty weeks. That is my goal, I want to wear my skinny pants again and be able to confidently throw out my fat ones!


That is my goal, fifty pound, five months. Baby steps.


That is my story...what is yours? what is your goal? If we support eachother we will be stronger than if we don't!

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I was really gaining weight after sitting around and smoking and eating for over two months with a broken ankle. I smoked so much everyday that I had to be hospitalized for lack of oxygen. After a week in the VA Hospital in West Palm Beach I was sent home with an Oxygen making machine !!<br />
I had to stay at home, quit smoking !! and for the most part just sat around for another month with tubes connected to me. <br />
I was sick and getting heavier by the minute which made it even harder to breath at times. I really wanted to die and did not like what was happening to me.<br />
I was at my wits end when someone told me about this coffee that can actually help me lose fat without dieting or exercising.<br />
Of course I did not believe it but it wasn't much money and I decided it was worth it if it did what it said it would and it was guaranteed and I used my American Express Card just in case to pay for a membership and a case of this coffee. What ever they charged I was so desperate I could care less as long as it worked !!<br />
Low and behold folks it worked !!! and all I did was drink coffee and sit by my computer. No Diet No Exercises !! I was dropping pounds of fat and losing inches from the first week.<br />
The coffee is the best I ever tasted and they also have a tropical tea drink that I swear works even better !! Now they have an Instant Chocolate Raspberry Latte too to die for and they are all thermogenic and diabetic friendly and they work !!!<br />
This is great and I wanted to share it with you.<br />
:O) <br />
Thanks Richard

did you loose the weight

I can honestly say I am not a comfort eater, howevre a mixture of not doing 'as much' as I used to and a hypothyroid seems to have meant 'camp out' on my stomach, legs ect. I know a positive mind fr<x>ame help but life is pretty hectic right now, my mom left my dad my sister is in a VERY bad relationship, so that is really hard to obtain, but I am trying. Currently I am not on any diets, i am trying to really find one that clicks for me and that I can make work, i want to lose fifty pounds but I do not want to develop an eating disorder to get there. Any diet suggestions? Thanks for the good luck wish, I wish the same to you and to anyone else out there that wants to kick the extra baggage to the curb!

Id like to lose about the same myself, ive had a whale of a time (excuse the pun) putting on the weight. Ive put mine on comfort eating. Im in a very positive fr<x>ame of mind at the moment and lost a few lbs, long way to go. I know its old news but i definately think reducing carbs is the way to go, what sort of diet are you on? Good luck to you girl :)