Advise Please

hello all
i am 17 and am at college 
i weigh 7st 11lb and i want to get down to 6st 
i have stopped eating and am constantly being nagged for it but it seems to be working 
can anyone sugest any way that i can carry on not eating and try to convince people that om not losing to much weight
i believe i have bulimia but no i do NOT want a soloution thank you 

any help gratefully recieved 
fattchicky fattchicky
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 18, 2011

I dont wanna offend you, but you can't be fat at 7 stone 11 unless your're 3 foot

i've gone ana alot of times. its the best thing that works for me. if you want a buddy, I'm here.

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